Do's and Don'ts of Discipline Blog by Carmel New Church School

Do’s and Don’ts of Discipline

As parents and teachers, sometimes both, it is our responsibility to guide children and cultivate development and instill in our children a growth mindset and self-understanding and self-discipline. A previous blogged recalled the presentation given by Dr. Saul Fisher and Mr. Scott Daum regarding Discipline in the Context of Love.…

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Continuing Play Based Learning into the Upper Grades Blog by Carmel New Church School

Continuing Play-Based Learning Into the Upper Grades

Bilingual schooling, STEM projects, coding, longer recess, shorter recess, more gym time, less gym time, increased academics, (starting students earlier, holding students back), more free play, less free play, outdoor free play, structured free play, etc… It can be overwhelming and difficult to navigate the best course of education to…

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