Grade 7/8

Our unwavering commitment is fortified by the distinctive foundation of a New Church Education. We customize learning for each student, value parents as partners in Grades 7-8 growth, and align with the Ontario curriculum in science, social studies, art, math, literacy, physical education, and health subjects. The Lord is the centre of our classroom, from behaviour, to discussion on spiritual matters, to the perspective and lens we use to look at the world around us. In all content subjects, we are cognisant that the Lord is continually teaching and leading humankind in every nation. We reflect on the presence of the Lord's hand in the events of the past, in the wonders of biology and physics, and in the lives of people around the world. Literature studies shine a light on characters who struggle through trials and conflict and become better people. The students are encouraged to examine themselves in a similar light as preparation for high school, and ultimately useful adult lives.

Grade 8 worship