We are very excited to share with you our instrument selections that will be added to our playspace during the summer months. We have been very fortunate to be working with percussion play to select the right pieces for our space.

In our Primary playspace placed within our Bee Garden will be an “A minor daisy petal drum”, a “C major forget me not petal drum” and a set of six “harmony bells”. Each of these pieces will add harmony, soul, and energy to our outdoor classroom.

In our intermediate playspace we will be adding a Cajon drum, tubular bells, a small and large babel drum and harmony.

Each of these pieces will allow our students to continue their love for music and learning in our outdoor classroom. These pieces will allow for further opportunities to have outdoor performances, and productions and allow the community to have access to a one-of-a-kind musical garden. We will be leaders in our community with our percussion play garden.  How exciting and fortunate are we to have it at Carmel New Church School and Carmel New Church!

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