Learning about tree care

Our beloved specimen Beech tree, near the primary classrooms at the back of the school, received some tender loving! Local arborists from All Green Tree Care pruned the canopy of the tree. Pruning the tree canopy helps to decrease the risk of broken limbs and falling branches, especially in a high-traffic area. A properly pruned tree will not have troublesome branches or improper weight distribution. Improper weight distribution could be witnessed in the Beech tree when one of the largest limbs recently broke off near the base of the tree.

The crew from All Green Tree Care was amazing with the students! Their explanations were wonderful and enabled the students to gain exposure to a line of work they don’t have the opportunity to witness firsthand. The students learned about the safety gear and tools the arborists use to climb the trees such as work boots, hard hats, reflective gear, harnesses, ropes, and carabiners.  We watched a knot-tying demonstration and we saw different ways knots can be used to secure the ropes.  The students learned about the three kinds of saws used in pruning and observed the tools in action. We were all fascinated by watching the arborist climb the tree and move about the canopy using ropes.

The students enjoyed watching a demonstration on how the pruning rubbish was turned into useful mulch by the wood chipper. They learned how the mulch can be returned to the habitat to retain moisture in the soil, improve nutrients, and discourage weed growth, or invasive species.

If you enjoy environmental restoration, climbing trees, and working outside in nature this could be a wonderful job opportunity when you grow up!

A BIG THANK YOU to the crew from All Green Tree Care for their time and care of our beloved Beech Tree.

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