On April 22 and 23, 2023 we had 58 teens visiting from across Canada and the US for the Youth Weekend. A sincere thank you to the teens who participated from the following New Church Schools: Carmel New Church School ~Kitchener ON, Olivet School ~Etobicoke ON, Pittsburg New Church School ~Pittsburgh PA, Kempton New Church School ~Kempton PA, and Oak Arbor Montessori School ~Oak Arbor MI. These students helped us to begin our planting of over 50 new species in our woodlot forest.

This youth group was able to have a lesson from Jeff Thompson, from Thompson Environmental Planning & Design LTD. on how and where to plant.  They worked very well together and quickly saw how fast they were able to dig, plant, and mulch.

They planted 220 shrubs and tress species, including the following: Smooth Service Berry, Black Choke Berry, Bush Honeysuckle, Canada Plum, Canada Elderberry, Red Elderberry, Maple-leaved Viburnum, Wild Rasin, Arrowwood, Nannyberry and Grey Dogwood.

whole group planting

We are excited to see the changes take place and watch these grow. We were able to recycle the pruning rubbish into mulch to be returned to the habitat to retain moisture in the soil, improve nutrients, and discourage weed growth, or invasive species.

Ready to Plant
Team planting

Thank you to everyone to took part in this weekend to make it a successful and meaningful weekend for our youths.

finished planting
220 planted shrubs and tree

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