Kindergarten Reading

We provide a safe, welcoming environment for our youngest learners, to learn, build character and grow.  Our primary focus in the kindergarten room is to foster a love of the Lord, delight in and affection for the stories of the Word, and a beginning knowledge of following the 10 commandments.  Kindergarten is the first year some children are in a school environment, and we treat it as a transition year to the formal education process.  Kindergarten students at CNCS practice kindness toward their peers and develop their social skills while working on number, colour, shape, and language skills.

We have a small Kindergarten class that follows the four frames of learning, Belonging, and Contributing, Self-Regulation, and Well-Being, Demonstrating Literacy and Mathematics Behaviour, and Problem-Solving and Innovating  (how does learning happen) together with our school's faith and scripture foundation to support children in their development and growth in the JK/SK years.