Pastoral Staff

Rev. Mark Allais at Carmel New Church School

Rev. Mark Allais

Head Pastor

Rev. Allais currently serves as senior Pastor to the Carmel New Church. He is passionate about meeting people in the struggles of life, parenting, marriage and growing old, and leading them to the Lord in His Word and into community with other so they might find rational, emotional and spiritual support and growth.

He is delighted to join the teaching staff under Rev. Nathan Cole and Principle Steph Kuhl, aiming to help children develop a love and joy for the stories of the Lord’s Word, while learning true ideas to live by.

Rev. Nathan Cole at Carmel New Church School

Rev. Nathan Cole

Assistant Pastor

Since joining the staff at CNCS in 2008, Rev. Cole strives to bring his love of learning and love of the scriptures into the classroom. Nathan believes that the lessons the scriptures leach will always be relevant and he is responsible for bringing life to the stories and lessons and helping students relate them to their lives and the current issues.


Ms. Steph Kuhl at Carmel New Church School

Ms. Steph Kuhl

Grades 7 - 10

Ms. Kuhl started her teaching career in 1999 at the Academy of the New Church in Pennsylvania. In 2003, she moved back to Ontario to join the staff at CNCS. She really enjoys being able to teach science in light of the 3-fold Word and with incredible wonder in God’s creation. That passion for science and biology goes beyond the classroom as Ms. Kuhl loves animals especially her rescue dogs and teaching horsemanship at the local barn.

Teaching Staff

Mrs. Suzanna Hill at Carmel New Church School

Mrs. Suzanna Hill

Junior and Senior Kindergarten

Mrs. Suzanna Hill has been teaching at CNCS for the past 18 years and incorporates both New Church and Waldorf educational philosophy in the classroom. She has found that these philosophies work well together to nurture a child and let them grow.

Her program concentrates on spiritual and social awareness between students to foster their educational and social happiness and she believes that when the school and parents work together for the child that it brings about a positive sphere for the child to grow in.

Carmel New Church School is fortunate to have wonderful, natural outdoor areas, and outdoor play areas built by the community, that enhance and support many of the academics we cover in the classroom.

Carmel New Church School

Mrs. Nina Riepert at Carmel New Church School

Mrs. Nina Riepert

Grades 3 & 4 Homeroom

Professionally, Nina has taught for 23 years at the Carmel New Church School. She brings to the job both a background in Social Work, as well as Education. Mrs. Riepert enjoys sharing both her love of teaching, as well as her love of the Arts with her students. She enjoys an activity-based, hands-on approach to teaching, and utilizes Waldorf practices, within a faith-based framework. Besides having taught at all elementary grade levels, Mrs. Riepert has enjoyed putting on many class plays, productions, and whole school musicals over the years.

Personally, Mrs. Riepert is married and the mother of 4 grown children. She has served in many volunteer capacities both in and out of the Church organization, including being a founding member of the local rape crisis center, which now serves thousands.

Carmel New Church School

Mrs. Laura Hill at Carmel New Church School

Mrs. Laura Hill - M.S. SpEd., B.S. Ed.

Grades 1 & 2

Having grown up in the mountains of West Virginia and attending both secondary and post-secondary in Bryn Athyn, Pennsylvania, Mrs. Laura Hill graduated from Bryn Athyn College with a Bachelor of Education in 2002. She began teaching at the Carmel New Church School that same year and is heavily invested in the school, the church, and the community. In addition to teaching, she has two children in the school, volunteers with the church’s women’s group, organizes the Sunday school program and sits on the board for the General Church in Canada. When it comes to her students, Mrs. Hill works hard to instill in the students that knowledge is not the ultimate end goal. We need to use our knowledge and talents to serve the Lord and our neighbours. This is supported by Laura’s favourite quote, from Albert Einstein, “Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere.”

Carmel New Church School

Angela Tait at Carmel New Church School

Mrs. Angela Tait

Grades 5 & 6

Mrs. Tait has over ten years of experience working with children who have special needs in many different areas. Her background in social services and behaviour modification help her provide a holistic classroom environment. Angela’s passion in the classroom is all about helping students meet their maximum potential in academic, social, and spiritual aspects.  When outside of the classroom Angela enjoys spending time with her husband and three children.  Her love for serving the neighbour is demonstrated in her volunteer work at the Carmel New Church and within the community.

Carmel New Church School

Ms. Bettina Rampelt at Carmel New Church School

Ms. Bettina Rampelt, BEd., OCT

Gr. 3-8 Core French; Gr. 3-8 Computer; and Visual Arts

Having taught in both the public and independent school boards over her 10 years of teaching, Ms. Rampelt strives to instill a love of learning in her students and spark an interest in life-long learning. Through student-led and inquiry-based instruction, students are encouraged and empowered with their growth in mind and will experience a gradual increase in responsibility.

Her love of languages started very young as she came from a German-speaking home and quickly learned English. She’s taken her love of languages and teaches French during the week and German on the weekends. When Ms. Rampelt is not in the classroom, she volunteers with Kitchener-Waterloo Oktoberfest as Vice-Chair of their Schools Committee.

Carmel New Church School

Support Staff

Mrs. Monica Albrecht at Carmel New Church School

Mrs. Monica Albrecht

Mrs. Patty Schnarr at Carmel New Church School

Mrs. Patty Schnarr