One of the highlights of the year at Carmel New Church School in Kitchener comes near the end of September when the students take part in the Terry Fox Run.

For those who do not know, Terry Fox was a young man from B.C. who lost a leg to cancer.  In 1980 he set out to run across Canada to raise money for cancer research.  Unfortunately his cancer returned before he could finish, but his efforts have inspired others across the country and around the world.  Today the Terry Fox Run is an annual nationwide and international event where people come together to run, walk, bike or blade to raise money for cancer research.

This year Carmel New Church School held our Terry Fox Run on September 30th.  It was a cool day, but the forecast for rain held off, so it was a great day to be outside running.  Students in Junior Kindergarten through Grade 8 ran a cumulative total of 144 km.  Many parents, grandparents and community members came out to cheer the students on and even to run a few laps with them.  In the end, our students raised a little over $650 for cancer research – not much compared to the millions raised around the world, but not too bad for a school with three dozen students.

Part of what makes the Terry Fox Run such a great event for us is that running benefits the students themselves because it is healthy activity, and at the same time, they are involved in doing something to help other people.  Further, being part of a national event helps to teach them the value of being part of the wider community.

Thank you to our school community for supporting this fundraising endeavour, and congratulations to the students on a job well done!

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